As a Regional Council of the International Council of Air Shows, we share the ICAS's Mission to:

"Provide information to air show sponsors and pilots; promote safety at all aviation events; and to work with government agencies to develop air show safety standards.”


What does SWCAS do?

We are committed to a safe, successful future for airshows in both the Southwest and throughout the airshow community

We provide a wealth of industry “best practices”, airshow knowledge, resources and shared experience from our members. SWCAS is an excellent venue for networking with regional resources, military and civilian industry contacts. As a regional branch of ICAS, we can promote local interests and concerns of our members and can express them at international levels.


Looking to present your services to the airshow community?

Our Annual SWCAS Conference is the premier opportunity to showcase your services to our membership.


Guiding Principles

  • SWCAS exists to serve its membership and help all members work together to produce the highest quality air shows that are possible considering that many smaller shows are not ICAS members yet could still benefit from the ability to leverage the collective industry intellect and experience.
  • All members of the air show industry are welcome to join and that includes air show producers, performers (pilots, announcers, etc.), vendors, and the media. ICAS membership IS NOT a requirement to join SWCAS. Membership includes access to the website, exclusive access to member profiles, participation in the official SWCAS email distribution list and the SWCAS periodic newsletter.
  • All members have equal rights and their ideas, opinions, and thoughts are relevant and deserve consideration.
  • SWCAS is affiliated with ICAS (International Council of Air Shows) and defers all regulatory efforts on behalf of the industry to ICAS while providing a communications channel that assures that ICAS is aware of localized issues that could affect the industry.


ICAS membership carries the responsibility of maintaining these safety standards. As an ICAS Member:

  • I shall remember first and foremost that spectators place their trust and well-being in my mature judgment and professional actions. I shall continuously strive to be deserving of this trust.
  • I shall not knowingly violate or stand idly by if others violate the spirit of intent of the rules and standards set forth by ICAS or regulatory authorities.
  • I shall work to create an environment that does not invite or promote unsafe actions and do my best to instill these values in my fellow ICAS members.
  • I shall not think in terms of my event or my performance. Any adverse safety circumstances at one event may bring irrevocable consequences to the entire industry. It is our industry and our responsibility.


To successfully fulfill the ICAS mission, the ICAS Board of Directors has developed a five-year strategic plan that sets a clear course for the organization in both the short- and mid-term.


“ICAS will establish an expected level of professional performance for event organizers and performers, and develop and maintain tools and programming that help its members reach, maintain and measure that level of professional performance.”


“ICAS will work with its members, non-members and related federal agencies in North America to maintain the highest level of air show safety both on the ground and in the air by fostering a cooperative safety culture among event organizers, performers and support service providers.”


“ICAS will establish and maintain positive working relationships with federal regulators, federal legislators, local government officials and senior military leadership for the purposes of advocating on behalf of the air show community on issues of vital interest to the air show industry; and providing insight and actionable intelligence to help avoid problems when possible and solve them when unavoidable.”


“ICAS will develop communications initiatives to broaden the air show fan base, increase attendance and raise awareness of the benefits of air shows to prospective corporate sponsors.”